Jenny Dexter writes: At the end of July four of our AS level pupils (Rosie, Philip, Qian Hui and Sharon) travelled up to the Lake District to do their assessed Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. This involved four days walking through the mountains with enough kit and food to keep themselves totally self sufficient. They walked up to 20km per day with heavy rucksacks, along footpaths, and practising the excellent navigational skills that they had gained in their previous awards.

They were faced with all sorts of British summer weather, from searing heat to torrential rain, but were equipped for it all. We were impressed by the fact that they had chosen to camp wild as this meant choosing a site, finding water and setting up camp with no facilities.

The group passed with flying colours, showing great determination and teamwork skills. I was very proud of them and really enjoyed their company in all their preparation for their expedition.

02 Sep 2013