Mathematics is a wonderfully rich subject beginning with counting and calculating and developing through geometry and algebra towards a deep understanding of patterns and structures.

We prove our results in mathematics which gives the subject a secure foundation and is excellent training in logical thinking and reasoning. The underlying ideas display wonderful human imagination and are often beautiful. Doing mathematics can seem like playing a game with a set of rules and yet its usefulness is frequently powerful and surprising. The discovery of calculus underpinned the rise of scientific discovery, engineering and the industrialised world and in our digital information age mathematics and statistics are part of everyday life.

The Yehudi Menuhin School aims to promote the understanding of mathematics, skill in the use of mathematical techniques, confidence in the use of mathematics, enjoyment of the subject and awareness of its riches and relevance.

We aim to challenge the pupils to think logically and imaginatively, to read, understand and use mathematical argument and to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

Mathematics is a core subject for groups D, C and B and optional for the sixth form group A.

Pupils take Key Stage 2 SAT tests and study Key Stage 3 mathematics and then follow the Edexcel IGCSE course 4MA0 and generally take the higher level papers. We aim to extend their range of mathematical techniques in Number; Algebra; Shape, Space and Measures; and in Handling Data. We aim to further their skill in the use of ICT and to enhance their ability to use and apply mathematics to problems in real life and within the subject. In the sixth form a range of courses and papers are available including AS, A level, and Further Mathematics AS or A level.

Group Teachers

D Group is taught Key Stage 2 by Tony Chipps.

C Group is taught by Sarah Lee.

B and A Groups are taught by David Bruce and Sarah Lee.

Recent Events

We entered the Senior Maths Team challenge and our team had to solve a variety of problems together or in relays. We came second out of 18 schools in Surrey.