Music House

Music House forms part of the original Tudor manor house with extensive additions and alterations made over the years to turn it into a comfortable home for our incredibly talented female boarders. The most recent addition to the House is the splendid 2nd floor extension opened in September 2015, cleverly built into what was the roof space, complete with six charming individual en-suite rooms for senior pupils.

Music House is divided into small areas or 'pods' in which pupils of similar ages live together. Most of the rooms have two beds with some triples for younger pupils and singles for older girls. In the centre of the House is a cosy Common Room, a great place in which to relax and socialise. The Common Room has a small kitchen with kettle, fridge and microwave for making evening and weekend snacks and drinks and there is a laundry room with washing machine and tumble dryer. Many pupils do their own laundry in House but everyone is, of course, welcome to send things to the school laundry if they prefer to be returned to them, fresh and clean, within 2 days.

There is a strong sense of community in Music House and we work hard to create a happy, relaxed and homely atmosphere in the House. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and to contribute towards the smooth running of the House whether that is tidying the kitchen or looking out for younger pupils. The days at YMS are long and busy, so sleep is vital. In order that everyone gets enough sleep we have consistent, age appropriate, in-House and bed-times for all pupils.

Younger pupils go home at weekends. There is Saturday morning school for everyone else, but Saturday afternoons and Sundays are deliberately kept as free and relaxed as possible to allow everyone some downtime after a busy week. Pupils are welcome to go home Saturday lunchtime to Sunday evening if they wish. For those staying in school we organise shopping trips into the local town and other weekend activities.

Music House is a happy, nurturing home-away-from-home in which everyone is valued for their individual and very special qualities within the close-knit house community.