Fees & Finance

A summary of fees, as well as information relating to both the MDS Scheme and the School’s Bursary Fund, can be found below. For further information or queries about our fees, please contact bursar@menuhinschool.co.uk.

Summary of Fees

School fees for the 2023-2024 academic year are as follows:






The School aims to make sure, wherever possible, that its specialist education and training is available to its pupils irrespective of financial circumstances. Approximately 90% of our pupils receive some form of financial support. The School is able to provide financial assistance to pupils in two principal ways, as detailed below:

Music and Dance Scheme

Financial assistance is available through the Department of Education’s Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) which is provided to enable young, talented musicians to receive a full-time education and training at a specialist school irrespective of their parents’ financial means. This assistance is means tested and is calculated according to a sliding scale linked to gross household income which means the higher the income, the greater the contribution. There are two parental contribution scales, one for boarding pupils and one for day pupils. 

To be eligible for a place on the Music and Dance Scheme, students must normally have been resident in the UK for at least two years preceding the first of January of the year in which the place is being taken up.

In order to be eligible for the scheme in September 2024, the student must have been resident in the UK from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2023.

Under current Department of Education rules, overseas pupils who have been resident in the UK, or have been boarding pupils at the School, for two full calendar years or more are also eligible for a grant under the Scheme.Therefore, a pupil who starts at the school in September 2024 who has not previously lived in the UK, would be eligible under the Scheme’s current guidelines, from the Spring term of 2027.

As a guide, some examples of the annual parental contribution for 2023/24 for boarders are given in the table below.

Relevant Income

Annual Parent Contribution




















£25, 515






Full Fees

Bursary Fund

The School is fortunate in having a number of donors whose generosity enables it to award bursaries to pupils who are not MDS eligible from its own Bursary Fund.

The Bursary Fund is limited and School funded bursaries are also means tested. They are awarded based on gross household income and the number of applicants we have each year.

The amount of financial assistance provided either as a bursary or through the MDS is reviewed annually and parents are required to give details of their income every year to enable their contribution towards fees to be reassessed.

There is no guarantee that the same level of bursary will be awarded each year, and it may fall to parents to search for additional support from individual sponsors or other charitable sources.