Young girl learning the violin over Zoom

About The Virtual Menuhin School

The Virtual Menuhin School – also known as VMS – offers pupils the unique opportunity to receive our specialist music education in a virtual environment, receiving Yehudi Menuhin School standard musicianship and theory training and the chance to connect with other young musicians across the globe.

Pupils who are part of our Virtual School engage in weekly musicianship classes to learn and develop skills and techniques that will underpin their lifelong musical journey. Virtual pupils have a minimum of 3 hours contact time with an instrument tutor per term to provide guidance to instrument training, with the option of adding extra lessons.

As an example, Musicianship lessons cover:

  • Aural training of pitch recall and call and response melodies
  • Comprehension of melodic phrases, chord identification and interval training
  • Rhythmic recall and invention, honing accuracy skills
  • Developing knowledge of wider repertoire through practical analysis, which is paced to be coherent across each term
  • Harmonic training through lessons in fundamental music theory

Lessons are taught by our team of expert musicians and are overseen by our Deputy Director of Music, Marco Galvani. Pupils are put in classes based on their skill set and level of ability – with considerations for time zones! – to build a strong foundation alongside peers of a similar level with weekly homework tailored to each class.

Twice per term pupils have the opportunity to join workshops runs by Marco or a visiting teacher and each pupil receives a termly report with input from all teachers. Additional resources are also available for pupils to practise and challenge themselves outside of lessons with additional opportunities for contact and engagement with the school in development!

Who VMS is for

The programme is for students aged 7 years and above who have been studying their instrument for at least 1 year. Students are assessed and placed into classes based on their current strengths so that we can focus on the skills that need the most development.

If you have any questions about the Virtual Menuhin School, please get in contact.

YMS Pathway

As pupils approach their 11th birthday, some of our Virtual pupils may be offered the option of joining our YMS Pathway. The Pathway offers all the elements of the Virtual school with the addition of a Tutor Group to meet and engage with other young musicians who share their passion and enthusiasm for music and offer a window into life at YMS. Tutor group gives pupils insight into the current goings on at the school and provides pupils with an opportunity to perform for each other.

Pupils offered places on YMS Pathway will still be required to audition for the school to assess performance level as well as academic and pastoral suitability, however VMS staff can advise and guide pupils on this significant journey.