Yehudi Menuhin was a devotee of Yoga as a disciplined way of both exercising and relaxing whatever your age. We continue to follow his lead by offering Yoga classes during the Wednesday sport session each week, and each Thursday evening.

We make sure all our pupils know how to swim and pupils have swimming lessons in our indoor swimming pool in the grounds. Complete beginners are taught how to swim and swimming provides great all round exercise to keep musicians fit and healthy. It is a sport that lasts a lifetime, so we are particularly keen to encourage the ability and habit of swimming well to all our pupils.

We have a hard surface outdoor tennis court so tennis is one of the options for Wednesday afternoon sport throughout the year. It is also available for students to use in their free time at the weekend.

Football is played on the football field on Wednesday afternoons, and it is a very popular activity with our students at other times too. We receive weekly coaching from Chelsea Football Club, whose training ground is nearby.

Running is one of the options for sport. We use the paths round Bookham Common for cross country runs of varying lengths. Running is a great way to keep fit and some pupils regularly go for a run themselves round the school grounds.

Dance is one of the options for Wednesday afternoon sport throughout the year. All styles of dance are taught by a visiting dance teacher using the Square Room, which has a sprung wooden floor. Dance displays are sometimes given at the Christmas Party.

Badminton is one of the options for sport and is played in the courtyard.

Table Tennis
We have three tables which can be set up in the Square Room. It is one of the choices for Wednesday sport and is a popular pastime for many of our students.