We were delighted to be able to welcome the great violin pedagogue Yvonne Frye into our midst this week. Yvonne is a German violinist who lives and works in Finland. She teaches the Colourstrings method at the East Helsinki Music Institute and also pedagogy at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Yvonne gave an inspiring lecture to instrumental staff and to older students about the Colourstrings method and also spent two days observing instrumental lessons and informally discussing music education with staff and pupils. She was particularly interested in David Dolan’s approach to teaching improvisation and enjoyed watching him work with pupils. Past pupil Hyung-Ki Joo also visited at the same time in order to hear Yvonne’s lecture and to talk with her about what makes good quality repertoire for young people as they start learning an instrument. Having these two visitors made for an exciting and stimulating couple of days for all of us at the School.

16 Jun 2017