This week we've had the pleasure of four music exchange students visiting from the Royal Conservatoire School for Young Talent in The Hague. Part of the week's programme for Valentine Blangé (violin) Maartje Valk (flute), Megan Brouwer (French horn) and Andrea Gelcich (viola) has been preparing for a Showcase Concert at The Menuhin Hall on Friday 11 November.

To make the most of the flute and French horn as additions to our musical palette, the concert includes some beautiful chamber music - a flute quartet by Mozart, and a horn quintet by the lesser-known composer Wilhelm Hauff.

A brief discussion with two of our visitors Megan and Valentine revealed that they are very much enjoying their visit and have found it very interesting to experience living-in at school. Both agreed that, although there is plenty of time for practice, it would be very difficult to be away from home for such a long stretch of time.

10 Nov 2016