What a wonderful way to start the Summer Term - the latest in our series of Celebrity Alumni Concerts, with Melvyn Tan (1974), Ning Kam (1993), Lis Perry (1972), Simon Rowland-Jones (1967) and Niall Brown (1979).

Sparkling performances of Mozart, Debussy and Schumann made this yet another very special evening indeed. And all on Founder's Day, as well: 22 April, Lord Menuhin's birthday.

Melvyn wrote: It was a total pleasure and such a wonderful evening. And so lovely to meet up with Lis again after all these years, and also Ted (Niall) whom I have not seen since leaving school.

Niall wrote: It was a wonderful occasion in a hall quite unique in the sense that it is as alive as all the people who inhabit it either performing or as audience....it has taken me these hours and a sleepless drive to understand my reaction - quite unlike anything I’ve experienced before.... Hope to keep in touch and hope to be accorded another opportunity to relive the experience of attending or performing concerts in this extraordinary hall.

Lis wrote: It was great to play such a memorable concert. So sad about Robert Masters but what an amazing life he had and a good date to choose to depart on. It was such a pleasure to come and play.

A lovely review of the concert by critic Robert Hugill, whom we were delighted to welcome on his first visit to the School, can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/pk78euq

The final two concerts in the series are: Valeriy Sokolov & Friends (15 May) and Alina Ibragimova & Friends (22 June).

25 Apr 2014