Last week, Kenza met activist and Nobel Laureate, Malala Yousafzai. A truly inspirational figure, Malala gained global attention when she survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban at age 15 - a retaliation for speaking out against the Taliban’s prohibition on the education of girls. She became the youngest Nobel Laureate in 2014, in recognition of her efforts on behalf of children's rights. She now studies at Oxford.

Kenza had the opportunity to meet this extraordinary young woman at a lecture in London. She writes:

"Meeting Malala was an amazing experience that I will never forget. She spoke quietly and was very polite. This was in contrast to when she was on stage. There she spoke so confidently, without fear or anger, and in a way that engulfed everyone into her presence.

Malala's fight for girls education inspires many. Millions of girls around the world have no right to have an education because of the laws that terrorist groups or the governments enforce upon them. Many of us that live in peace and prosperity take school for granted. Listening to Malala made me think that we should be aware of this privilege.

Personally, it made me feel so grateful for the school and my parents who support and encourage me to pursue my dreams."

18 Jan 2019