From the Chairman of Governors: Mr Richard Morris

Much has changed since Yehudi Menuhin first opened his school in London in 1963, but his remarkable humanity continues to inspire our core mission:

Our mission is:

  • To ensure that The Yehudi Menuhin School maintains its reputation as a world leader in music education, providing the highest quality of instrumental and keyboard training combined with a first class academic curriculum under one roof.
  • To enable children with potentially outstanding musical talent to attend the School, irrespective of their income, background, creed or country of origin.
  • To nurture and develop the potential of young musicians so that their performances delight, inspire and communicate with the widest possible audiences around the world.
  • To develop Menuhin’s ethos that music should be taken into communities and bring pleasure and inspiration to those that need it most.

From the Chair of the Development Board: Mr Stuart Mitchell
As we celebrated the centenary of Lord Menuhin’s birth in 2016, it was impossible not to be impressed by the significance of his achievements, not least in what he considered to be his most important lifetime contribution – his School.

In the last ten years alone, we have made great strides in developing his legacy even further. The Yehudi Menuhin School has added significantly to the amenities, such as music studios and residential buildings. There is now a world class performance space in the Menuhin Hall, impressive new facilities for rehearsing and practising in the Music Studios, and high quality accommodation in Music House and Harris House. All of this has been achieved with the support of our philanthropic Friends and partners.

However, if we are to guarantee such levels of excellence for future generations – based particularly on attracting the very best students and teachers world-wide and raising the capital resources required - then student costs funded by donors will be even more important than before.

We have identified four main fundraising priorities by which the School can continue Menuhin’s legacy and deliver our vision for the years ahead. They can be summarised as:

Bursaries – ‘in year’ awards and an International Bursary endowment for the very best UK and international students.

Buildings – providing high quality facilities which enable children to fulfil their potential.

The Futures Fund - an unrestricted endowment to support the School’s areas of greatest strategic priority in perpetuity.

Many of the achievements of the School and its pupils have been possible only because of the support of donors who have shared Menuhin’s passion for excellence, and a belief that music-making can inspire and bring joy to individuals and communities.

If you feel strongly about any specific aspect of our vision, or would simply like to ensure that this continues for generations to come, please join me so that together we can make this happen.