Covid Hardship Fund

The Coronavirus pandemic has had far-reaching financial consequences and our community has not been spared. Many of our parents have seen their incomes significantly cut as a result of the crisis, and are now having difficulty paying their school fees, without which the School cannot operate.

It was Yehudi Menuhin’s vision that no pupil should ever have to turn down a place at the School due to lack of finances. We believe that no pupil should ever have to leave the School due to an unforeseen and drastic change in their parents' financial circumstances.

We estimate that we urgently need to raise up to £100,000, on top of this year’s planned fundraising targets, to ensure that no parent is faced with the awful prospect of pulling their child from the School. Please consider supporting our COVID Hardship Fund by making a donation today. Once the immediate need has been met, all further gifts will go into our regular Bursary Fund.