Currently we receive funding for sixty of our eighty students through the Government’s Music and Dance Scheme (MDS).

This enables beneficiaries to be supported in full or in part by the UK Government, depending on the financial position of the child’s parents. However, there are four main challenges facing students:

  • Typically one in four students do not receive MDS funding of any kind.
  • Some MDS students are only partially funded.
  • International students who are accepted have to find funds for seven terms (the period of qualifying residency in the UK) before becoming eligible for MDS support.
  • MDS funding has been static for a number of years and its value is declining in real terms.

What is the solution?

Our ‘in year’ bursary programme enables the School to look beyond parental wealth and background and instead focus on an applicant’s music potential, character and ability – just as Menuhin intended.

‘In year’ funds are spent in their entirety and in a timeframe decided by the donor.

“My sister and I are both so grateful to receive a donor funded bursary from a couple who support the School. Neither of us would have been able to come here without their help. We can also focus on our music without our parents and ourselves worrying about trying to find the money to support us.”

International students contribute significantly to the ethos, learning opportunities and cultural significance of the School. The International Bursary Fund will ensure that future generations of overseas pupils will receive a potentially life-changing musical education. This newly created Fund will generate bursary income in perpetuity for talented students most in need of financial assistance. The School is able to establish, and welcomes, bursary funds in support of students from particular countries (for instance Singapore, Turkey or Spain).

“Creating our own named endowment fund at the School has enabled the Sackler Trust to show its support, year after year, for its highly talented pupils. Our donation to the endowment is, in effect, a gift that keeps on giving and we are proud that we can make a positive contribution in perpetuity towards music culture in the UK.”
The Sackler Trust

How you can help?

  • £42,000 supports a full bursary which covers all academic and 1-2-1 music tuition, boarding, and travel for one year.
  • £21,000 will support 25% of bursaries for two students per annum.